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When I was five years old and my father wouldn’t let me wear socks with butterflies on them, I wondered, “What’s…

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Some people are born into greatness. Others, like James "Dr. Fermento" Roberts, are created at 2am at Village Inn after a drunken night at the Miners and Trapper's Ball. Dressed as the mad scientist behind the 1996 cloning of Dolly the Sheep, Roberts was too drunk to stomach his usual post-party meal. It was then, somewhere between vomit and pancakes, that Roberts recalled his upcoming photoshoot for the Anchorage Press.

In his own understated way, he was also something of a provocateur, a trickster, willing — more than that, compelled — to say and write things that he knew were likely to spark strong and deep-felt responses in his audience, whether that audience be an individual or a room filled with people. He was also more than willing to present a minority opinion, even (and perhaps especially) among like-minded folks, to stir things up.

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